Why Is My Car Not Starting?

Your car should start with the turn of a key (or a push of a button). Once you initiate one or the other, an electrical current will reach the motor to start. If your vehicle's engine turns but does not start or takes longer than average to start, you are probably dealing with one of the five issues below. The following are five common reasons to explain why your car won't start:

Dead Battery

This is the number one blame for why your vehicle won't start. If there is no charge in the battery, there will be no electrical power to supply throughout your car. Dead batteries can be due to accidentally leaving a door open or extreme temperatures, and most of the time, you can revive your vehicle with jumper cables. But you should know that batteries do need replacing after years of use.

Faulty Starter

The starter motor is the component that receives the electrical energy to kickstart the process. If the starter has declined, you'll generally just hear a sequence of clicks when attempting to start your car.

Bad Alternator

The alternator provides electrical power while the car is on and recharges the battery. It is an essential component that is connected to a belt system under the hood. A weak alternator will cause dim headlights and other bugs with your electrical accessories.

Fuel Problem

If your vehicle's engine cranks but does not start, it could be because of an error in the fuel injection system. For instance, it can be a faulty fuel pump or a dirty fuel filter.

Failing Ignition Switch

If the ignition itself is the problem, you may not even be able to turn the key or push the button at all. A warning sign of a failing ignition switch is if your dashboard lights go on and off abruptly.


The best way to conclude and fix your car starting problem is to take it to a professional auto repair shop like Cosmo's Service Center. For reliable auto repair services in West Babylon, NY, call us at (631) 888-5955 or visit our shop today!