Test Your Tires With The Penny Test or Quarter Test

Most vehicle owners will agree: your tires are a pretty crucial safety feature of your car. Having sufficient tire tread is what keeps you and your passengers safe on the road. Your vehicle needs good tread to be able to handle wet weather conditions like rain and snow. It will also ensure minimal wear and tear.


So, how do you know when you need to get a fresh set of wheels for your car? A tread depth gauge is an ideal tool to use, but it is not always readily available. You'll be glad that you can simply test your tread with some loose change; a penny or quarter will do the job.Let's look at how:


The Penny Test

The Penny test has always been a dependable way to check your tire tread in a hurry. Grab a penny and point President Lincoln's head down towards the ridge of the tire. Insert the penny and inspect where Lincoln's head is. If you do not see Lincoln's head, then your tires are still in good condition. If all of Lincoln's head is visible, your treads are too low, and you'll need your tires replaced.


The Quarter Test

Don't have a penny? Look for a quarter. You'll test the tire tread with the same procedure. PlaceWashington down and insert the coin into your tire ridges. The distance from the edge of a quarter to the top of Washington's head is approximately 4/32 of an inch. If the tires don't touch Washington's head, then it's a sign you need a tire replacement.


Which Tire Test Is the Best?

For the longest time, the Penny Test was the go-to for vehicle owners. You should know that pennies only measure 2/32", meaning it really only tells you if your tires are completely worn down. By this point, you'll need to schedule an appointment to have your tires replaced ASAP. Your safety is also at high risk. The Quarter Tire Test gives you a little more wiggle room. The next time you're looking to test your tire tread, a quarter should be your first preference!


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