How Long Does a Wheel Alignment Take?

A few weeks into owning a car and the ride still feels new, with every component functioning healthily at optimum performance. However, you'll start noticing mechanical problems a few months later, and one of those is wheel misalignment. It's critical to repair bad wheel alignment because it restores your vehicle's handling and control. Wheel alignment is a fairly straightforward procedure that takes a short while and barely disrupts your day's schedule.


How Long Does Wheel Alignment Last?


Typically, wheel alignment (whether it's a pair or full-set alignment) takes about one hour, excluding the waiting times. Damaged suspension and steering bushing, ball joint, and track rod can also cause wheel misalignment, and it takes longer to repair such issues. Still, the duration varies, depending on the owner's driving habits, road and weather conditions, and the previous state of the vehicle.


Drivers can tell and review their trip in terms of driving performance. Ask yourself: Where the road conditions today hurtful to my wheels? Did I hit a stone or run over potholes? If so, you need to get a technician to check the alignment and realign them (if need be). Sometimes the culprit might be the tires. They may be unevenly worn, causing them to bend inwards or outwards, causing the wheels to go out of alignment.


It would also be best to refer to the manufacturer's manual to understand the interval for wheel alignment. That'll ensure your wheels will usually be aligned, and if they're misaligned, it'll be a minor issue. As a result, you spend a shorter time at the auto repair shop.

The Dangers of Ignoring Wheel Alignment

If you fail to observe your wheel alignment maintenance schedule, your vehicle will develop problems, which means additional costs:

  • Uneven tire wear, which can lead to sudden and dangerous blowouts
  • Bad alignment damages a vehicle's suspension system, including the struts and shocks. That's risky because the suspension ensures tire contact with the road.
  • The steering wheel wobbles, vibrates, and pulls to one side, even when driving on level ground.
  • Poor control because the wheels don't quickly respond to steering control. Cornering and maintaining a straight course can be challenging and tiresome.

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