Can I use Water in Place of Windshield Washer Solvent?

When you run out of windshield washer fluid, you might wonder if it is the only option. The question of whether you can use plain water instead might have crossed your mind severally because of its ease of accessibility and availability. Read on to learn if water can be an option in washing the windshield.

Let's begin by explaining why a windshield washer solvent is a preferable fluid before analyzing if water can work as well as the fluid. The windshield washer has numerous ingredients, including methanol and alcohols such as ethylene glycol with traces of ethanol.

The components are effective in giving you the best results. In addition, it contains antifreeze components from methylated spirits that make it impossible for water to freeze during icy cold days.

Now, can water perform efficiently as the windshield washer solvent? The answer is no. Why? Plain water has no detergents and cleaning solvents to wash your windshield for a streak-free look. Its lack of cleaning power makes water unable to remove all the contaminants, including bugs, road grime, dust, bird droppings, mud, and other road messes.

Water also freezes in icy cold weather. A feature that disqualifies using water to wash your windshield during winter or in states experiencing low temperatures most of the time. The windshield fluid is the best because of the ethylene glycol, an automotive antifreeze component that prevents water on the car from freezing.

You might consider using water to avoid poisonous substances in the windshield washer solvent that can damage rubber parts and paint finishes in your expensive vehicle. But, plain water, which is non-toxic, will not give you the results of a clean and sparkling windshield you desire.

Even though water is affordable and readily available, it cannot wash your car without washing powders and other detergents, making the washer fluid preferable.

Despite the costly nature of the windshield washer solvents, it is an essential fluid for your windshield, and water can never be a replaceable option. Therefore, if you need windshield wiper fluid replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Cosmo's Service Center today!