A Tune-Up Is More than Your Average Maintenance

A tune-up is more than your average maintenance. The modern tune-up consists of corrections and adjustments under the hood to enhance your engine’s performance and minimize breakdowns. Some areas of improvement can include the fuel system, ignition system, filters, etc.  If you notice a loss in engine power or notice your check engine light coming on, then it may be due for a tune-up. Below are some of the warning symptoms that suggest it is time for you to get your car, SUV, or truck a tune-up:

Check Engine Light Illuminated

While a check engine light can mean many things, there’s no doubt that a tune-up should be considered when this signal appears. If you catch this light on your dash, please bring your vehicle to the team at Cosmo’s Service Center in West Babylon soon.

Poor Fuel Mileage

If your vehicle’s efficiency is not the same way it used to be, a tune-up may be necessary to correct this problem. A dirty filter or bad spark plugs can be the culprit behind your low MPG. Our techs will inspect your vehicle thoroughly to pinpoint the issue.

Shaky or Vibrating Car

If your vehicle shakes and overall feels unstable to be in, you may need a tune-up. While this symptom can be linked to many problems, our certified tech will inspect under the hood to make sure it is not related to the combustion process. 

Problems Shifting Gear

If you're having trouble shifting gears, it can indicate that your car is low on transmission fluid or needs a transmission filter replacement. Please come by our auto repair shop for a tune-up to get these in check.

Starting Problems or Stalling

Obviously, when you can’t even get your engine to stay on or be on, it is clear that you need a  fix-up under the hood. Again, failed spark plugs, clogged fuel injectors, or bad filters can be the reason behind this symptom. Our team will make sure your engine gets what it needs so that it can roar again. 


If you suspect your vehicle is due for a tune-up, we invite you to Cosmo’s Service Center ASAP.  Feel free to give our friendly team a call or schedule an appointment online with us today.