7 Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Brake Service

Brake maintenance is an auto service that is necessary to protect your and others' safety on the road. When you take good care of your brakes, they'll take care of you by slowing down or stopping when you need to. Below are seven warning signs that point to brake problems:


Brake Light On

If the brake light, or ABS light, comes on your dash, it means there is a problem with your anti-lock braking system. It would help if you got repairs soon as this mechanism is vital in preventing your brakes from locking up.


Squeaky Brakes

Squealing brakes are most often related to your brake pads. These parts have indicators, or metal pieces, that emit a high-pitched sound when they've worn down. Think of it as a warning or reminder to change your brake pads!


Grinding Sounds

Scraping noises is sometimes due to a brake pad/shoe contacting metal contact points. You should have a mechanic check it out just to be sure.


Vibrations or Shakiness While Braking

If your car shakes in any way when you apply your brakes, it could mean that the rotors are distorted. While it is normal for your rotors to wear down, they can do so unevenly. You'll want to have your rotor refinished or replaced whenever this happens.


Burning Smells

A sharp, burning smell can signify that your brakes are overheating. This is very dangerous and could lead to outright brake failure. It is best to pull over to allow your braking components to cool down. Afterward, you should seek immediate repairs.


Soft or Spongy Brakes

If the brake pedal goes all the way down to the floorboard, it can be a sign that your brake fluid or fluid lines have been exposed to air/moisture. Otherwise, your master cylinder could be the culprit. Please come in for a brake inspection to be sure.


Car Pulling to One Side

While this symptom does not only point to a brake problem, it could be a caliper problem. When a caliper malfunctions, while the rest still works, it can cause your vehicle to pull left or right.


As you can see, brake problems are not something you should overlook. For all your brake maintenance and repair needs, look no further than the experts at Cosmo's Service Center.