5 Signs You Need New Brake Pads

Brake pads are an essential part to any vehicle's braking system, as they help to stop the vehicle when the brake pedal is pressed. Over time, the brake pads wear out in the process of braking. To be exact, their entire purpose is to be used up because of the material they are made of. The last thing you want is to be surprised by worn-out brake pads, so make sure you read along. We will give you five signs pointing directly at brake pads that are almost or completely worn out.

1. Squeaking Or Grinding Noise

One of the most obvious signs of worn-out brake pads is a squeaking or grinding noise when you use the brakes. This noise is caused by the brake pads rubbing against the brake rotors or the wear indicator, which starts to produce a sound when it makes contact with the rotor. 

2. Reduced Brake Response

Worn-out brake pads can also cause a reduction in brake response, which on its own should worry you quite a bit. This is caused by the extra distance they have to travel when the brake pad material is used up.

3. Vibration While Braking

If you start to feel vibrations in the brake pedal when you use it, we have bad news. This vibration is caused by worn-out brake pads, and if they are completely worn out, the vibration can be felt throughout the whole car.

4. Warning Light

Most modern vehicles are equipped with a few lights meant for the braking system. Watch out for circular lights with the letter "P" in them or lines on the side. If you spot this, make sure to visit a repair shop because the problem might be quite serious.

5. Thin Brake Pads

Another way you can determine if your brake pads are worn out is by simply looking at them. While it is not as effective as an inspection at a shop, you can get a pretty good idea of their condition. If you see a few millimeters of brake pad material left, you should be worried. But if there is nothing on it and the whole brake pad is flush, consider visiting a repair shop.

If you have spotted any of the signs listed above, make sure to visit Cosmo's Service Center! Our team will be happy to help out and change your brake pads while making sure all surrounding systems and components are good as well.